L + B beautiful cultus lake maternity session {Chilliwack maternity photographer}

Its no surprise newborn and maternity sessions are my favourite. I adore seeing couples happy and excited about the upcoming arrival of their new baby. Its such an exciting time I just love capturing this chapter in their lives. Now that being said (speaking from experience) I know that not every day is exciting (for mommas anyways).  There are many days soon to be mammas don’t always feel like they are glowing and beautiful.  So many things are changing body wise, hormone wise and as woman we sometimes don’t feel our best near the end. I think for that reason a lot of woman opt not to get maternity photos done. Which makes me sad. And I say this from experience also. I had twins almost 10 years ago (seems like yesterday I swear) and I don’t have any pictures of me pregnant with them. Now at the time, I could not be more thrilled. However, looking back now it makes me really sad. It makes me sad when my twins ask to see what I looked like with them in my belly.  I understand not everyone is going to take these session images and plaster them all over the walls of their  home, but if you aren’t going to do it for you.. do it for your baby. Put a few in frames and put them in your nursery, or make a baby book starting with mom and dad anxiously awaiting the arrival of him or her. Showcase the excitement and beauty in this special time. While they are small now.. they grow so fast, and they love to see and hear stories about what life was like before they arrived, and what it was like having them in our bellies. If that isn’t reason enough, how about using it as an excuse to get dolled up,  get your hair done, put that glamorous makeup on and feel gorgeous. Every momma to be deserves AT LEAST that.

I was beyond excited to showcase this new maternity prop dress. Im glad I waited until this session. She wore this dress perfectly. I love the images of them together, you can definitely see a true love between them. Such a fun down to earth couple… and beautiful too right!? With maternity sessions I always (if mommas let me) do part of the session with just her. Typically in a prop dress I provide or if they bring something special we use that. I think its an absolute must to have images showcasing the beauty of soon to be moms.

It was so fun hanging with both of you guys, thanks for allowing me to be part of this special time.


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