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When newborns arrive I always like to see who they look like. Isn’t it funny how we always examine them and try and find who’s nose they have or if their hair colour came from mom or dad etc. I find in a lot of cases its not an easy task, but when it comes to this sweet girl, I feel like she looks exactly like her mamma! Im always so envious of moms who have children that look like them. I have three kids and none of them resemble me at all!

Meet, Brielle, the sweetest of the sweet <3


Meet baby ‘G’. Isn’t he adorable!? K & J brought me a ton of props to play with. We didn’t get to use them all but I love the ones we did get to use.  I really wanted to incorporate their country style into this session.  Its going to be a big part of baby’s life so I thought it was important. I just love photographing these clients. We always seem to have some good laughs during our sessions. Easy going super relaxed clients are my favourite!

Thanks again guys! enjoy your photos 🙂


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so we were doing a few shots with mom and dad and everything was going great…




and then baby ‘G’ filled dads hand with a sweet surprise 😉 haha so many laughs!


M o r e   i n f o