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Life with three boys is no walk in the park! These little guys had me working fast and needing a nap by the end of the session ha! Kids attention span and cooperation time is about 30-45 mins max, so I knew going into this session my best work would have to be done in the beginning before things got crazy. I have to admit, these boys were pretty awesome.  I love how this session turned out with the super pretty golden light.

Hope you love your images guys!


I am going to miss doing family sessions! I only offer them from June – September, and then one or two dates only in October for fall minis. It’s not because I don’t love shooting them, but with B.C weather it makes it very difficult. My style of family photography is filled with brightness and realism. True smiles and happy kids make for the best images in my opinion. I don’t get a lot of happy kids in -2 weather lol. Maternity sessions still take place all year around, as they are time sensitive of course.

This family is one of my absolute favourites. Ive known Amy a long time now, before she became a mamma of three! Its pretty cool watching your friends go through each chapter in their lives. She’s an incredible person, so no surprise she’s a fantastic mamma! Don’t even get me started on how adorable her kids are! Seriously… someone call the GAP and let them know we found their new cover family. Oh and Jordan… well he is pretty cool too 😉

Enjoy your images guys!




Have you ever met someone and instantly just felt comfortable around them?  Thats how I felt with this family. They are so sweet and easy going. Their little girl is a hoot, and well… they are just plain great to me around! We chased some golden light and ended up with some great candid shots. Sometimes asking couples to get close for the more romantic shots can feel a bit awkward or uncomfortable at first. I totally get it, and thats why I give complete direction right down to how to place hands and fingers. For this young married couple though, they needed little to no direction and pure chemistry shines through in these images. Not to mention brit is an absolutely knock out! Thanks for making my job a breeze guys! Hopefully your newest addition makes my job easy too! ha  See you in a few weeks!




This little lady is so adorable I could just stare at her sweet face all day! Her lips get all the heart eyes! Her parents and big sis were super sweet too. Its been crazy over here so I haven’t had a chance to get everyones session on the blog, but this little sweetie was way too cute to let slip by!

Sweet Joelle. Even her name is adorable. <3


I’ll apologize now for the over usage of exclamation marks. Im just excited about things ok! 😉


When I get too behind on sessions, unfortunately the blog suffers. Meaning, I have to just burry my head in edits, and send off galleries.  I have a hand full of sessions I still need to blog, even though my clients have received their galleries months ago.  If any other photographers are reading this, please tell me I am not alone!  Its my goal at this point in my business to get galleries out within 2-3 weeks MAX! I know how exciting it is to have a photo session done, and having to wait seems like years instead of days.  I also wonder if people actually read these blogs. Do you read the write ups? Just check out the pictures? Id love to hear your feedback on this if you guys have a spare second <3

I love when it works out to get a pose parents are really hoping for. My sessions are very baby led, so if they aren’t feelin’ it. I NEVER force them. Mom really loved the ‘froggy pose’ and we even got her smiling while in that pose! YAY! Her perfect milky skin was so soft I could have snuggled her all day. Her big sister was a gem to have in the studio too. So sweet and super easy to photograph.  Thanks for choosing me to photograph your gorgeous family guys! Enjoy your images <3




As I was editing this session, I started to feel a little emotional. Looking at these images, knowing these guys will cherish these in years to come make me sort of envious. (Personal stuff coming so beware)

Unfortunately I lost my mom suddenly a few years ago, and I would give absolutely anything to have images like this of me with her. Smiling, happy, looking gorgeous.  I have maybe a handful of pictures of me with my mom and they are in no way “professional” shots.  And even those I cherish with all my heart. Now that I’m older and have kids of my own I would love to be able to share with them Her brightened smile while being in her element of just being a mom. How happy her eyes looked when she would play with us. Those are the images that get cherished.

If you are on the fence with getting family photos done. Get off the fence and book. You may not see the entire value in them today, or tomorrow. But I promise you will, and your children will in 10,15 even 20 years from now.  As a mom I know what it feels like to feel less then “picture ready”.  But believe me, your children think you are perfect. Because you are. Don’t take those negative thoughts, and hold back what your kids could and will be cherishing for the rest of their lives.

Well.. now that I’ve said my piece and shared my personal experience.  Id love to introduce this gorgeous, wonderful, fun loving family.  The Padget family <3

Little M was so great for her session. She was content and sleepy pretty much the entire time.  One of my favourite things is a newborn with a full head of hair. Seriously… does it get any more adorable then that? No… no it doesn’t. ha

Take a look at this super adorable girl, and her super adorable family <3




There are a couple of  changes coming with fresh photography by melissa.
One of my favourite parts of owning this business, is getting to know new people, watching families  grow and creating connections and relationships with each one of you. I started this business with the name ‘Fresh photography by melissa’, about 4 years ago. It was a part time gig/hobby, not fully understanding what this business would fully become. Here I am now 4 years later, doing this career full time, and feeling utterly blessed. Its all because of you and your support, and I would first like to thank you. The change comes with a lot of thought and I have decided changing the name to my name best suits my brand. My name,  “Melissa Hopfner” will now be the new “fresh photography by melissa”.  So, when you see tags or links or the Facebook name change, do not be alarmed. 🙂

Family Sessions

Family sessions will no longer be done all year around.  Family sessions will now only be scheduled between  June -August. Then once again in October & November for fall style sessions.  With the change of dates, I wanted to  give you guys a bit of a heads up and  the opportunity to book in advance to avoid disappointment. Sessions will take place on weekends only, which means space is very limited.  I will also need to keep a couple weekends open for reschedule dates for bad weather. Good old BC right!?
If you have any questions in regards to family sessions, or would like to book early to secure a date, please feel free to contact me directly.

Newborn MINI Sessions

This last announcement is an exciting one. You may have seen the promo on Facebook or the Cover image but I figured I would post it here also.  I had a lot of requests for newborn mini sessions, and was on the fence about it for a long time. Then I started to feel bad, having to turn people away. I decided I would start offering them for a limited time and see how it goes.  These sessions are perfect for parents on a budget (who isn’t on a budget these days right?) and for the second, third babies etc. This gives parents the opportunity to have professional images without the big package. Great for announcement cards and a few prints.
Ill list a quick rundown of what mini sessions do and don’t include below.

Mini sessions will be an hour and a half long. This is if baby is awake or sleeping.
All images will be baby wrapped up.
At the end of the session, IF  time allows I will unwrap baby for some natural style shots. Awake or sleeping.
Mini sessions do not include sibling or parent shots.
Images will be digitally delivered within two weeks.
Sessions are $200 for 12-15 images.
Mini sessions take place on mondays or fridays only.
All newborn sessions are done at my studio in Sardis.
Please feel free to contact me directly with any further questions you may have.

Example of mini session below.



What a year. 2016 was a year of learning for me. While Ive been doing photography for a few years part time, it was my first real year of solely being a photographer as my full time career. Like anything worth while, it has not been the easiest journey. I’ve had moments where I thought quitting was the right decision, but the obsession and passion I have for this art made it impossible. Thankfully, I also have the most encouraging husband and support system at home that keep me focused in the most positive way imaginable.

I think being obsessed with photography is an absolute must to keep a business successful. Weather it be the edits I’m working on, the locations I want to explore, my never ending need for props, or my obsession with light or shadows. In one way or another photography is always on my mind. Its like its a piece of me now. That is what keeps me going in this business.

While there are so many more things I want to do in 2017, I sit and look at my past year in review and feel, proud. Proud I stayed true to myself, my passion, my art, and followed my dreams and became what I always wanted to become. A photographer.  Im thankful my husband encouraged me to follow my passion. Now I can show my kids if you follow your hopes and dreams… they too can be anything they want to be with determination, hard work and passion.

I wanted to post 2392834037 more images from this year, but didn’t want to over due it so here are a few I decided I wanted to share before this year comes to an end.

If you got this far into this blog… thank you. You are likely the exact reason I kept going. Supporters, clients and my sweet family. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

happy new year.

-2016 Melissa

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