Mr. ‘L’ [Chilliwack newborn photographer]

I know for a lot of parents booking or attending their newborn session can feel a bit stressful. You wonder if your little one will cooperate. What if he doesn’t? Will he/she be comfortable what if he/she cries the entire time, or doesn’t sleep.  All you want is those adorable shots of your little one. You would hate to fork out the cash and him/her not cooperate and you end up with nothing.

Well… I promise you. That will not happen!  With three kids of my own (including twins) Im very confident and experienced with handling and carrying for babies. I have shot hundred of newborn sessions and know what they do and don’t like/need. Of course moms always know best and some babies just do not enjoy being unswaddled and posed, and that is OK! After all.. these are HUMANS we are dealing with here! My number one focus when you are in the studio is that baby is safe and comfortable. That’s one of the reasons I crank the studio to 30 degrees! So when your little one is naked, he’s warm and cozy.

I have had a pretty long string of chill babies lately, so I was due for a challenge. This little guy likes one thing for sure… his mamma!  My youngest daughter was the exact same way (still is at 2.5 yrs)  so when Mamma mentioned she was worried we wouldn’t get much, I could relate with how she could feel that way.

I just wanted to touch on this subject for this blog to share with people that the concerns of ‘uncooperative’ babies does not mean you will end up with anything less then beautiful images.


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