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Have you ever met someone and instantly just felt comfortable around them?  Thats how I felt with this family. They are so sweet and easy going. Their little girl is a hoot, and well… they are just plain great to me around! We chased some golden light and ended up with some great candid shots. Sometimes asking couples to get close for the more romantic shots can feel a bit awkward or uncomfortable at first. I totally get it, and thats why I give complete direction right down to how to place hands and fingers. For this young married couple though, they needed little to no direction and pure chemistry shines through in these images. Not to mention brit is an absolutely knock out! Thanks for making my job a breeze guys! Hopefully your newest addition makes my job easy too! ha  See you in a few weeks!




This session was actually done in two parts. Jenn and I explored the beautiful beaches of Vancouver for an evening/hangout session and then a few days later did some with her 7 year old daughter. I think the mommy and me portion of this session is my favourite. Not so much because of the picture outcome but because its something special they got to do together before their little boy arrives. Capturing some sweet moments between mom and only child before life changes, is extra special.

It was great capturing this session for you Jenn, I hope you love them <3



There is nothing I love more then golden light! That light, mixed with this gorgeous couple makes for images that look like they belong on a new age romance novel.

Great meeting you guys , I can’t wait to see you in a few short weeks with the newest little member of the famjam 🙂

I was beyond excited when Anna had sent me a msg asking me to photograph her maternity session. Anna and I go way back. We were bff’s back in high school but I hadn’t seen her in years!  It was awesome to catch up, and get to help her document this special time in her life.  This session was full of laughs,  wild creatures hidden in bushes and a few … ok maybe more then a few.. thorns. lol  Now that the scratches have healed, I’m so glad we ventured into the tall grass. She looks stunning in the dress with the sun backlighting her gorgeous baby bump.

Thanks so much for coming out this way Anna, it was SO wonderful getting to see you again! <3




The dress she is wearing is the newest maternity dress added to my collection for clients to wear <3

Does it ever feel good to get outside! I feel like I haven’t done outdoor sessions in forever. I love this time of year for evening sessions.

When your clients are beautiful, their chemistry oozes and the golden light is perfect. Thats what this session entailed.  We took a drive up chilliwack lake road and shot for only an hour and managed to get so many great shots. I was dying to share these images.

So looking forward to meeting their sweet girl in just a few short weeks!


This post is massive. Well.. not my write up, but the images I have put in. Their gallery is huge, because she is the most adorable glowing pregnant woman ever! I couldn’t decide on which to give, so I decided to give them… well .. most of them haha It was hurting my heart throwing away images I thought were nice, just to make a gallery smaller. I say…. if I got it.. Im gonna give it!

I might be a little obsessed with the bottom images of  her in the skirt against the golden light. She’s just stunning <3


What an adorable couple! I adore them so much. This session was all over the place due to crazy wind weather. Looking back I’m actually glad it worked out that way, as now we have such a wide variety of shots.  Im really looking forward to meeting their sweet little one in the coming weeks!

Thanks for being such good sports guys, Ill see you again soon!



Milk bath sessions are a super big thing right now. I think they are perfect for this time of year too. It makes for a great alternative to going outside in the cold weather. My goal for this session was to make the bath portion feel soft and airy. I also didn’t want to strictly do bath shots. I felt like that was too restricted, so we took a few shots before the bath to give her gallery more variety.

Special thanks to Angela for letting us use her beautiful home.

Milk bath products are from



What a year. 2016 was a year of learning for me. While Ive been doing photography for a few years part time, it was my first real year of solely being a photographer as my full time career. Like anything worth while, it has not been the easiest journey. I’ve had moments where I thought quitting was the right decision, but the obsession and passion I have for this art made it impossible. Thankfully, I also have the most encouraging husband and support system at home that keep me focused in the most positive way imaginable.

I think being obsessed with photography is an absolute must to keep a business successful. Weather it be the edits I’m working on, the locations I want to explore, my never ending need for props, or my obsession with light or shadows. In one way or another photography is always on my mind. Its like its a piece of me now. That is what keeps me going in this business.

While there are so many more things I want to do in 2017, I sit and look at my past year in review and feel, proud. Proud I stayed true to myself, my passion, my art, and followed my dreams and became what I always wanted to become. A photographer.  Im thankful my husband encouraged me to follow my passion. Now I can show my kids if you follow your hopes and dreams… they too can be anything they want to be with determination, hard work and passion.

I wanted to post 2392834037 more images from this year, but didn’t want to over due it so here are a few I decided I wanted to share before this year comes to an end.

If you got this far into this blog… thank you. You are likely the exact reason I kept going. Supporters, clients and my sweet family. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

happy new year.

-2016 Melissa

I have been absolutely swamped with snow sessions, and I love it! We don’t typically have snow that lasts more then a day or two, so it was so cool to give these style of images to my clients. It was nice we could shoot them all locally and not have to travel too far. I love meeting new clients, and these guys were a blast to photograph. I adore how he makes her laugh. Her smile is not only beautiful, it’s totally contagious.

Looking forward to meeting your newest addition in the new year guys!




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