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I know for a lot of parents booking or attending their newborn session can feel a bit stressful. You wonder if your little one will cooperate. What if he doesn’t? Will he/she be comfortable what if he/she cries the entire time, or doesn’t sleep.  All you want is those adorable shots of your little one. You would hate to fork out the cash and him/her not cooperate and you end up with nothing.

Well… I promise you. That will not happen!  With three kids of my own (including twins) Im very confident and experienced with handling and carrying for babies. I have shot hundred of newborn sessions and know what they do and don’t like/need. Of course moms always know best and some babies just do not enjoy being unswaddled and posed, and that is OK! After all.. these are HUMANS we are dealing with here! My number one focus when you are in the studio is that baby is safe and comfortable. That’s one of the reasons I crank the studio to 30 degrees! So when your little one is naked, he’s warm and cozy.

I have had a pretty long string of chill babies lately, so I was due for a challenge. This little guy likes one thing for sure… his mamma!  My youngest daughter was the exact same way (still is at 2.5 yrs)  so when Mamma mentioned she was worried we wouldn’t get much, I could relate with how she could feel that way.

I just wanted to touch on this subject for this blog to share with people that the concerns of ‘uncooperative’ babies does not mean you will end up with anything less then beautiful images.


This little lady is so adorable I could just stare at her sweet face all day! Her lips get all the heart eyes! Her parents and big sis were super sweet too. Its been crazy over here so I haven’t had a chance to get everyones session on the blog, but this little sweetie was way too cute to let slip by!

Sweet Joelle. Even her name is adorable. <3


I’ll apologize now for the over usage of exclamation marks. Im just excited about things ok! 😉


Getting smiles out of a newborn is rare. I mean.. we would be lucky to get ONE smile in a session. This little guy gave me 3 or 4!!! I was so happy! … and obviously so was he 😉   I like to think he just liked me, and now we are total bff’s. Mom’s gonna have to come to me now for all her pictures in the future 😉 See.. all you have to do is bond with them at just 2 weeks old, and your in for life. Its simple business 101 guys! Kidding!

But seriously, look how adorable he is!!



When I get too behind on sessions, unfortunately the blog suffers. Meaning, I have to just burry my head in edits, and send off galleries.  I have a hand full of sessions I still need to blog, even though my clients have received their galleries months ago.  If any other photographers are reading this, please tell me I am not alone!  Its my goal at this point in my business to get galleries out within 2-3 weeks MAX! I know how exciting it is to have a photo session done, and having to wait seems like years instead of days.  I also wonder if people actually read these blogs. Do you read the write ups? Just check out the pictures? Id love to hear your feedback on this if you guys have a spare second <3

I love when it works out to get a pose parents are really hoping for. My sessions are very baby led, so if they aren’t feelin’ it. I NEVER force them. Mom really loved the ‘froggy pose’ and we even got her smiling while in that pose! YAY! Her perfect milky skin was so soft I could have snuggled her all day. Her big sister was a gem to have in the studio too. So sweet and super easy to photograph.  Thanks for choosing me to photograph your gorgeous family guys! Enjoy your images <3




I feel like when I get a boy in the studio its an extra special session. I tend to photograph way more girls then boys. So I was beyond excited I got to use all my boy stuff. Greens and blues are my FAV!

I know I say this a lot, but I actually wanted to keep this little guy. He was such a chill baby for his session. It made for some super awesome images, with a serious “awe” factor. I mean… look at him with his furry sibling. My heart and ovaries are melting lol

Thank you guys for coming  to the studio, and letting me photograph your absolutely adorable little man.



Little M was so great for her session. She was content and sleepy pretty much the entire time.  One of my favourite things is a newborn with a full head of hair. Seriously… does it get any more adorable then that? No… no it doesn’t. ha

Take a look at this super adorable girl, and her super adorable family <3



One of my favourite things is to photograph the same clients each time they have a new baby. I was lucky enough to photograph little E’s big sister a couple years ago, and now her. We even did a reenactment image which was super fun to do. I could see so many similarities in their sweet little faces for sure. Especially that perfect little chin! TO DIE FOR ADORABLE!

Here are a few shots of little E’s adorable session <3



Purple! One of my absolute favs to photograph on. I love when clients let me do whatever I want as far as styling the session goes.  Don’t get me wrong I love clients suggestions and inputs and I always want to try and match their session with the nursery or the decor in peoples home. But there is something about just doing my thing without a care in the world that kind of makes a session extra fun for me.  Anyways, enough of me rambling on..  Check out this PERFECT little sweetheart. She is honestly one of THE cutest newborn’s Ive ever photographed. Enjoy


Little ‘M’ was a champ for her session! She was super chill and slept pretty much the entire time. When she first came into the studio I thought she looked like mom… but then I got a good look at her, and well.. she’s daddy’s twin haha

It was great seeing you guys again! Enjoy your images <3


I love getting to meet new clients.  Getting to know new people and hearing their pregnancy stories and experiences are always interesting. I had a great time getting to know this couple, and their gorgeous baby girl. She is literally one of the cutest little babies I have ever photographed.  Besides exploding poops all over daddy, she did a great job for her session. Thank you so much for coming into this studio guys! Enjoy your images.


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