I have been absolutely swamped with snow sessions, and I love it! We don’t typically have snow that lasts more then a day or two, so it was so cool to give these style of images to my clients. It was nice we could shoot them all locally and not have to travel too far. I love meeting new clients, and these guys were a blast to photograph. I adore how he makes her laugh. Her smile is not only beautiful, it’s totally contagious.

Looking forward to meeting your newest addition in the new year guys!




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I am loving all these snow sessions. Its cold as ever while shooting, but now that I’m warm and cozy a few days later, it feels totally worth it! I hope all my freezing cold clients feel the same.  This beautiful couple were a blast to hang out with, and super easy to photography.  I can’t say the same about their sweet dog, but at least we got a few good shots. haha

Thank you so much for allowing me to photograph this special time in your lives guys, I hope I can capture you, and your beautiful family again in the future.


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I  just love love love where we live. Its pretty incredible that we can literally drive 25 mins up the road this time of year and get this gorgeous snowy scenery.  Yet 5 minutes outside our door is a completely different look of gorgeous mountains and greenery… all in the same day. For this session my sweet clients wanted snow, and winter wonderland is what we got. YAY! I love snow images, and so glad she wanted this look. It really is my favourite.  It was so great getting to hang with both of you guys! Enjoy your teaser shots.



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There is nothing I love more then booking repeat clients. I love getting to watch their children get older through my images. I did this little guys newborn session almost a year ago. Its amazing how fast time flies, especially when you have kids.

Thanks so much for being loyal clients you guys. It was great getting to see you and your adorable little guy again.







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This session was an absolute blast. I think we laughed 95% of the time. We were on a mission to find snow. I had a vision I wasn’t about to let die. So a little determination, and a lot of out of breath up hill hikes… we were able to get some gorgeous shots of this soon to be mamma of 4! She was such a trooper. I could not have asked for a better model. Gorgeous, and up for anything. I mean.. literally she climbed over huge rocks and walked in a freezing cold waterfall, while being 9 months pregnant. (pic for proof at the end of this post)

Not only did we capture great shots,  I also made a pretty cool new friend.



Then we stopped at this little spot on the way down from the mountain.


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I’m actually blogging a family session! October is the most hectic month for family  sessions, so I have not had the time to blog.  I like to get clients their images within 2 weeks of our session date, and that just left zero time for blogging. I always stress if I’m sessions behind, and it felt like I have been 3/4 session behind all month. But… I am officially caught up on sessions!! For now. haha

This family was so easy to photograph. I actually did Jaxon’s newborn images 3 years ago. Its so cool getting to watch the families I photograph grow. It’s honestly one of the best parts of my jobs. I love my job, and I love my loyal clients. <3   Thank you so much for coming to see me guys! Enjoy your images.




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This is the last of my newborns for a bit, until I get through this crazy month of family session. While I love love love newborns, its sometimes nice to change it up a bit and do some family stuff too. With christmas around the corner (yes I said it ) and the fall mini sessions I offer, this time of year is always hectic. I would be lying if I said I didn’t love it though.

I had a great time shooting this session. Little Noah is an absolute sweetheart. I could have seriously hung out with him all day. He’s soft and sweet, and laughs at my jokes.  Does it get any better?  When you get a shot of a 2 week old baby, and an 18 month old sibling with a smile on his face… its a good day.

Thanks for coming in guys. Enjoy your teaser shots.






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Not only was sweet Sophia an absolute gem for her session, her big brother (9) was so awesome to hang with too. He was chatty and fun, and I loved having him in the studio to hang out. Some kids get super bored while I photograph baby. Sessions are long, and the studio is hot, so I completely understand. But he was super helpful and sweet and didn’t complain once. I think I might just hire him! haha

Thanks for bringing both your sweeties in guys! It was great meeting all of you. Enjoy tour teaser shots.


dsc_7429 dsc_7464 dsc_7341fb 2016-10-11_0003fb 2016-10-12_0006 2016-10-12_0004 dsc_7352 dsc_7500 2016-10-12_0003 dsc_7356


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Is there anything more adorable then a baby in a vest?…. a fur vest at that!? oh my word, I LOVE this look. I hope I see a lot of fur vest (faux of course) this season for fall sessions. I was super excited when I was talking to Danielle about outfit planning etc. I knew this would photograph beautifully. Thanks so much for coming out to chilliwack for your session guys. I can’t wait to send you all your images.




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